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4 Questions You Should Ask Your Used Car Dealer

Buying a car is an important decision in our lives and a major financial commitment. If you’ve done your homework well, things could take a turn for the worse. The problem with buying a used car is that there are too many snake oil salesmen trying to sell cars that are way out of our league. Here are three questions you should ask before you choose to buy a car from used car dealerships in Halifax.

Is the car inspected?

Before you buy a used car, remember to ask the dealer if the vehicle goes through a detailed inspection. Remember to read the inspection report to check the exact mechanical condition of the vehicle. Check if the car is likely to incur repairs in the future.  Sometimes, cars sit on the dealer lot for a very long time. Even if the dealer offers an inspection report, make sure to check for recent work done on [...]


Financing a used car is something everyone can afford to do. When it comes time to actually apply for a used car loan, you’ll have to consider a few things. Deciding where to apply for the loan can feel like a hectic task. You will have 2 options – either finance through a car dealership or approach your bank. Used car dealerships are considered better than banking for the following four reasons;

1. Convenience:

With dealership financing, the application and approval process will be quick so you can find a car and buy it almost immediately. Unlike banks, used car dealerships are open any time making it the most convenient and one-stop-shop option. You will not have to wait for the bank to approve or reject you.

2. Better Interest Rates

Car dealership interest rates are usually competitive. Not all dealerships may offer you lower interest rates but they will likely be open to negotiating [...]

buy a used car

Average Canadians pay around 20 percent of their take-home pay to drive a new car! In fact, in some age groups, spending on cars has taken precedence over saving. It’s hard to resist the smell of a new car, isn’t it? But why would you spend an average of $35,000 – $40,000 on a new car when a used car sells for half that amount? Here are a few reasons to buy used cars in Halifax:

Cars are a necessity and not a luxury:

Most of us use cars to get to work, to take the kids to school, or go grocery shopping. In other words, cars are an indispensable aspect of our lives. They’re there only to serve a purpose – the extra thousands of dollars you would pay for a new car is unlikely to make any difference to your routine.

Value for money:

We all know that a car loses value immediately [...]

used cars in halifax

Buying used cars in Halifax is a financially wise move, but a complicated proposition if you don’t plan properly. You don’t want to end up spending thousands of dollars on a lemon. Here are four things you ought to know before shopping for used cars:

Refine your search:

Used car dealerships love customers who aren’t sure about their purchase. They could try and get you to buy a more expensive vehicle. Or, if you have a trade-in and are looking for a certain price for the car, they’ll pay what you want, but raise the price for the vehicle they’re selling! Before you even begin your search, write down what you want: the features that you cannot do without, or the mileage, budget, etc. Look for a car that fits your description, and shop around to compare prices. Go through online inventories and classified ads so that you have a better idea about the general [...]

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