Frequently Asked Questions

Most used vehicles don’t need as many repairs and maintenance as they once did. As a result, many used cars are more dependable than you’d think.  As newer models are rolled out, cars are engineered to last even longer than previous generations. You can also get a fairly new used car that’s just a few years old with all the modern amenities at a fraction of the cost of buying a vehicle which is new.
All of our vehicles go thru a very extensive, 180-point mechanical and safety inspection. We proudly attach our name to the vehicle’s state and take pride in delivering cars that meet and exceed industry standards for reconditioning. Our used cars inspection are made available to our customers to review if they wish. So if you are considering a used car please ask for your complimentary safety inspection report.
Yes, we offer delivery to any of the maritime provinces.
We have access to thousands of vehicles in our extended inventory and through our partners. If you want something specific, we can find it!
Yes, we welcome any 3rd party independent inspection to be performed on all of our vehicles.
Yes. We do take trade-ins, whether they have been paid in full or not.
When you have negative equity it is usually the combination of paying too much for the vehicle as well as carrying over from your last purchase which is not uncommon at all. We are experts when it comes to helping you achieve a clean slate and have a credit rebuilding program. We offer several programs which will offset the negative equity on your vehicle so you can qualify for a bank loan.
Absolutely, we can help with the buying process and assist with shipping quotes.
Yes, we do offer financing.  You can apply here.
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