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A Repossessed Vehicle isn’t the end

A Repossessed Vehicle isn’t the end | Bad Credit Car Finance in Nova Scotia

So you are currently restructuring your finances on the way to getting your life back on track. Why should you be penalised when it comes to buying a vehicle?

At MVPNS, we believe that there should be fewer barriers to responsible drivers securing the vehicle which they want - and that includes Canadians who have previously owned repossessed vehicles.

Car Financing for Bad Credit

Car Financing for Bad Credit

None of us are perfect, and just because your credit rating might not be what you would like it to be, that doesn't mean you need to stop driving. MVPNS offer car finance solutions to those drivers who have previously had their cars repossessed - and the good news doesn't stop there; because in many cases we can still offer you a car finance solution even if you have incurred one or two repossessions in the past.

The road to recovery

The road to recovery

If you are a driver with repossessed cars in your history, then you can understand how damaging an auto loan possession can be to your credit score, as well as the relationship with the particular car dealership. The credit bureau will update your history with an indication of an Installment Loan Repo, which can then reduce your options when subsequently looking for another auto loan to get you back on the road... but all is not lost.

Take your second chance

Take your second chance

'Second chance' auto loans from MVPNS make getting approved after a car repo possible. With the right circumstances - often helped by a down payment or qualifying job - we are able to finance you with a new car deal even after a repossession, and in spite of your current credit rating! We turn declined auto loans into approved ones, allowing drivers to continue in the restructuring of their finances.

Loans for previous repos give them the opportunity to get back on the road to repairing their credit rating, which has suffered from the previous repossession. So stay behind the wheel and reap the benefits of your own transport, with repossession and bad credit car financing from MVPNS.

Are you a former repo with some questions on our range of car financing solutions? Or perhaps you'd like to kick start your application? Call us today on (902) 468-0377.

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