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Cashback Car Deals Halifax

Just because you are in the process of restructuring your finances, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't enjoy special offers when buying a vehicle! With the MVPNS cashback offer, you can grab cashback on all approved finance solutions - from $250 all the way up to $2000.

Rewarding your loyalty

At MVPNS, we believe that drivers purchasing a new car using finance should receive the same special treatment as buyers who pay cash up front. And to prove our dedication to helping drivers get on the road, we have come up with a range of cashback car deals.

Every time your car loan is approved by us - from previous repos to bankruptcy car solutions, credit rebuilding and other financing solutions - we will provide the bonus of at least $250 cashback from the deal, giving you a head start when it comes to your car financing program.

The choice is yours

In the modern day, many people need help with restructuring their finances, and they also need to continue driving. Our bankruptcy experts are there to ensure that each and every customer can purchase the vehicle that they want. From the dedicated team which will work on your application without you having to leave your house, to the finance managers who will arrange a sale, we are set up to get Nova Scotia drivers going again.

A viable alternative for low credit

In some cases, drivers with a bad credit rating may not be able to enjoy some of the perks which other drivers can. That goes for deals such as 0 per cent financing, or other bonuses related to the repayment rate. In these circumstances, our cashback car deals can present the ideal opportunity to take advantage of a special offer when it comes to taking out a car loan, ensuring that you get some bang for your buck!

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We have a record of thousands of vehicle transactions and keep current on up-to-date used vehicle values. We’ll give you an exact value your vehicle will carry towards a trade-in with MVP. No fee. No purchase necessary.

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