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Rebuilding Credit

Are you on a mission to rebuild your poor credit rating? Did you know that agreeing to a car loan, or another type of car finance package, can help?

For rebuilding credit, car finance options are actually recognised as one of the fastest ways to improve your score. And at MVPNS, we offer a range of car finance solutions which includes the best credit rebuilding program in Canada. The program is suitable for all credit types. So rely on us to bring your credit back to where it deserves to be, with a program set to a 12 to 18 month term which allows you to reap the rewards.

Rebuild credit Canada-wide

Experts suggest that a policy of both revolving credit and instalment credit can help get your credit rating back on track. A car loan can tick these boxes, and with our credit rebuilding program, you'll pay back the loan over an agreed number of months, in monthly installments.

How does rebuilding credit work?

Your positive repayment history, as part of an MVPNS credit rebuilding program, will allow you to rebuild your credit rating. Our team of skilled finance experts assesses important factors such as your current financial situation and credit rating and puts together a rebuilding package which allows you to begin bumping up your score.

The right blend

Our finance experts understand that your rebuilding program should last for at least 12 months in order to help increase your credit score. It is also important to have the right credit mix, steering clear of too much debt. Our team will assist you in creating a program which is tailored to your needs.

Punctuality pays!

When you pay back your loan with MVPNS's credit rebuilding program, it is essential to do so on time each month. This way, you can be sure that your credit rating is on its way back up, and not the other way! Even one late payment could set back your strategy back, so agree to a program with MVPNS and get back on the road to a sound credit rating. Our Halifax specialists can help you avoid bankruptcy and restore your credit!

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