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2019 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe 430i xDrive

$41,995 $39,995

Sleek and Stylish Design: The 2019 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe 430i xDrive boasts a stunning and aerodynamic design, with sleek lines and a four-door coupe silhouette. It combines the elegance of a coupe with the practicality of a sedan, making a bold statement on the road.

Powerful Performance: Equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the 430i xDrive delivers impressive performance with 248 horsepower. The xDrive all-wheel drive system enhances traction and stability, providing excellent handling and control in various driving conditions.

Luxurious Interior: Step inside the 4 Series Gran Coupe 430i xDrive and experience a luxurious and comfortable driving environment. The cabin features high-quality materials, refined craftsmanship, and comfortable seating. With ample legroom and headroom, both the driver and passengers can enjoy a spacious and enjoyable ride.

Advanced Technology: The 430i xDrive comes equipped with advanced technology features, including a touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, and a premium audio system. It also features BMW’s iDrive system, allowing easy access to navigation, music, and other functions.

Safety Features: BMW prioritizes safety, and the 4 Series Gran Coupe 430i xDrive is no exception. It includes a comprehensive suite of safety features, such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control. These features provide an extra layer of protection and help to prevent accidents.

Sporty Handling: The 4 Series Gran Coupe 430i xDrive offers a sporty and engaging driving experience. It features BMW’s renowned driving dynamics, with responsive steering and precise handling. The suspension is tuned to strike a balance between comfort and sportiness, allowing for an exhilarating ride.

Comfort and Convenience: The 430i xDrive includes various comfort and convenience features to enhance the driving experience. This includes features like a power sunroof, keyless entry and ignition, dual-zone automatic climate control, and power-adjustable seats. These features add convenience and luxury to your daily commute.

BMW Reliability and Performance: BMW is known for producing vehicles that offer both reliability and outstanding performance. The 4 Series Gran Coupe 430i xDrive is no exception, combining German engineering with exceptional build quality. This results in a car that is not only enjoyable to drive but also built to last.

Resale Value: BMW vehicles tend to hold their value well, making the 4 Series Gran Coupe 430i xDrive a wise investment. Its combination of style, performance, and luxury appeal to a wide range of buyers, ensuring that it retains its value over time.

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