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Winter Tires- A Must Have and Why You Need Them

what are the best tires for snow and ice

The low temperatures that characterize the winter season have negative impacts on conventional tires of automobiles. Regular tires become stiff in icy weather conditions, thereby achieving less traction and less braking distance. This makes it harder to drive the vehicle at such temperatures. The risk of accidents also increases because of that.

Winter tires designs make them useful under frigid temperatures. They are made from softer rubber than regular tires. So they always have sufficient flexibility to maintain a better grip on roads even in icy weather conditions. They have deeper threads to give better grasp on roads that may have been covered with snow or ice. It is also easier for brake pads to get a quicker hold on them. Upon application of brakes, the car stops in a shorter distance, in comparison to regular tires.

The better qualities of winter tires make them indispensable when winter comes. In some areas, fines are compulsory if drivers do not have winter tires on their wheels during winter. Then, installing winter tires can even score you an insurance discount as high as 5%. These all point means you should want to have them for your cars every winter even if you don’t live in regions where fines are imposed.

As they say, nothing good comes easy, so the great benefits of winter tires come with higher costs than regular tires. You even incur further expenses in balancing the tires, putting them on the rims if you already have them and storage if you don’t have space, and so on.

If the cost of getting a set of winter tires makes them unaffordable for you, try these options.

Purchase fewer tires

Although it is safer to have a full set of winter tires on all four wheels, some people buy only two and supplement them with two regular tires to keep down the cost. This is not good practice and is under no recommendation, but half bread is still better than none.

Look for discounts and rebate

Some manufacturers and dealerships encourage buyers of car tires to get all four tires by giving special offers for it. These offers may include discounted prices and free storage for your tires when winter is over. Just look around, you should find a deal that suits you.

However you get it done, winter tires are a must-get during the winter seasons.

Ever thought about getting yourself a car during winter, this article should give you a guide on how to get your winter tires with great deals.

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