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The Benefits of Car Detailing: Important Facts You Must Not Ignore

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It is a known fact that most people mistake car detailing with car washing, or innocently assume they are both the same. They couldn’t be more wrong! Admittedly, both involve cleaning a vehicle, but they differ by quite a lot.

You see, a car wash will only have the outside of your car cleaned of grime, dirt, salt, and dust. The body and underside of the car get cleaned. Cleaning is focused on ‘the outside’ of your car while ‘the inside’ hardly, if ever, gets cleaned at all.

A car detail involves intensive cleaning processes carried out by a trained professional, to restore your vehicle to factory freshness. Car detailers make use of specialized cleaning agents and equipment to make your vehicle look brand new from the inside out.

How Does Car Detailing Work?

Individual car detailers have their unique processes, but the overall goal remains the same: to clean every nook and cranny of your vehicle thoroughly. Here’s how it gets done

Cleaning the Interior

Your detailer’s job is mostly focused on the inside of your car and with good reason. The inside of a vehicle receives less attention when being cleaned by regular car washes. Meanwhile, it is unarguably the messiest part of a car.

The detailer will use a combination of specialized equipment which includes vacuums, steam cleaners, brushes, and others. These help to ensure a thorough clean that leaves your car looking factory fresh.

Special attention will be given to the following areas:

  • The trunk, seats, and carpets will be deeply vacuumed to rid the inside of dirt and dust particles.
  • The upholstery, carpets, and mats will then receive a deep and thorough scrubbing to eradicate all traces of grime, stains, and marks.
  • Your detailer moves on to wipe-down the whole of your car with special cleaning agents. Door panels, windows, and your dashboard all get cleaned to achieve that factory-fresh shine.
  • Additionally, an appropriate spray can be used to make the interior smell good. You have the freedom to choose your preferred scent or go without.

Cleaning the Exterior

While the inside of your car gets top priority, the outside should not be ignored either. Your detailer will tackle all dirt and grime to bring your vehicle to a clean shine. Degreasers and special detergents will erase all traces of dirt on your car’s body. A car detail will help to make your new paint job remain fresh-looking.

The Less-known Benefits of a Car Detail

The best way to get your car cleaned is to let a professional do the job. The inside of your car plays victim to a lot of dirt, food grease, pet hair, cigarette smoke, and much more. Regular car washes are not equipped to do a thorough clean of your car’s interior. Only a trained car detailer can bring out the best in your car.

Getting your car detailed has some unique advantages to it. They include

1. It is Healthier for you

Germs affect the quality of air in your car, and it is no news that your car is host to a multitude of bacteria from different sources. The average Canadian is known to spend an estimated hour and a half in their cars daily. That’s a lot of time spent sitting in an unsafe environment ridden with pathogens.

Bacteria love damp and dark places – exactly like your car’s ventilation system — to grow and multiply. Every time you turn your fans on, you are exposing yourself to this possibly contaminated air. Experts advise that you service and replace your cabin air filter as regularly as you can manage. A car detail will clean out all these hard to reach spots and help keep you healthy.

2. It Helps You Look More Professional

Employers and recruiters pay attention to more than just your work. They take in the full package; your appearance and car cleanliness inclusive. A messy car can project the wrong image and give off bad impressions. A dirty car is an absolute turnoff and is inexcusable no matter how you spin it. Getting your car cleaned by a detailer will help to maintain a respectably clean interior that earns you points with your boss.

3. It Boosts Your Car’s Value

If you are looking to sell your car, a car detail is unavoidable. Buyers will be willing to pay more if they are convinced that your car is in excellent condition. While cleaning the inside helps, cleaning the engine of grime is a sure way to get good money for your car. You only need to look at car dealers to understand why cleaning under your hood is a very profitable idea.



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